Import of Logs and All Type Of Scraps

Fruition Impex is one of the largest importers of Logs and All Types of Scraps in the India. A long-term experience in import and a solid team of professionals guarantee the highest standards when executing the orders of our clients. All production that we import is purchased directly in the regions of cultivation and growth. Over the years of work, our company has created a long-term collaboration with largest manufacturers in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Tajikistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Brazil, UK and other countries. The production delivered by Fruition Impex is present in all the largest Indian retail chains, as well as in confectionery products of the largest manufacturers.

When the world discards it’s paper waste we help them recycle it by importing and again exporting to other in-demand countries.

We also import high-valued metal scrap from various countries like USA, CANADA, EUROPEAN Countries, Australia etc..
Those metal scraps include HMS, Vehicle scrap, Iron/Steel/Brass/Copper/Tin/Mixed scrap/Aluminium scrap ….and so on.

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